Introducing Ultra-Air®

The only mask you’ll ever need for this pandemic, and the next…

Originally conceived as a more effective defence against a possible Influenza pandemic, Ultra-Air® will protect against all airborne pathogens.

Ultra Air Mask

The market potential for Ultra-Air® is huge. On the European continent alone there are 750 million people. With vaccination uptake below 75%¹, that’s almost 190 million people unprotected. If just 10% of these were willing to invest in high-quality protection, there exists a potential market for 18 million Ultra-Air® devices – or 10 million just within the EU.

If we project these figures onto the top 30 developed countries² and reduce potential sales to 2% of the unprotected population, it suggests around 20 million potential sales.

Potential users

Health care professionals, individuals with compromised immune systems, commuters, taxi drivers, vaccinated individuals aiming to avoid reinfection, school teachers & pupils.

Scientifically tested against MS2 Coliphage at UK Health Security Agency

Benefits over FFP3

Ultra Air Benefits

Complete protection

No matter how the virus mutates

Vaccinations can protect us, but for Influenza and Corona viruses it is unclear for how long.

Ultra-Air® sterilises any circulating airborne pathogen in real time, offering confidence that users will remain safe from constantly changing variants. All viruses continue mutating to stay effective. Pathogens engage in a race against time, medicine and the vaccines. The current pandemic is an example, and even as it weakens, the next airborne threats are being identified.

Covid Celll

Communication is improved over existing filter masks

By using a transparent mask, it will be again possible to see expressions on a face and enable lip reading, facilitating the natural communication to which we have been accustomed.
Thanks to the quality design coupled with comfort for the wearer, Ultra-Air® could become our companion in the years and decades to come for seasonal protection against Influenza, airborne agents like Corona viruses, or yet unknown airborne threats.

Ultra Air Model

Technology basis of Ultra-Air®

This is achieved primarily by well-established UVc disinfection being deployed in a manner hitherto unseen in consumer respiratory protection.
In contrast to other face masks available, Ultra-Air® effectively sterilises inhaled and exhaled breath within a lightweight, comfortable, transparent mask. Disabling of pathogens is achieved by the 254 Nm UVc emitter which completely neutralises the pathogens’ ability to replicate.³

Breathe easier

The Ultra-Air® does not create the resistance to breath that is present with a conventional filter mask.
With Ultra-Air®, inhaled air is drawn through the UVc disinfection chamber. Exhaled air leaves by the same route, ensuring that no infection is transmitted from the wearer.
It is therefore eminently suitable for people whose breathing is compromised – whether through allergies or lung disease.

Ultra Air Power

Our goal

We are seeking manufacturing and commercialisation partners who we can supply with a turnkey solution.