Combating: Pandemics • Bioterrorism • Airborne Outbreaks

Medi-Immune Ltd is a UK-based research and development company that has created ground-breaking technology, ProtectivAir®, to provide biologically clean air that can be delivered through a personal wearable device, or integrated into existing closed environments, to protect multiple individuals.

NB:  When referring to a personal wearable device, references to ProtectivAir® throughout this website refer to its function when combined with a filter free face mask.

Protecting Individuals and Populations

Immediate Protection

ProtectivAir® biologically clean air is designed to protect individuals and closed environments from any airborne pathogens (e.g. influenza, MERS, SARS, TB, anthrax etc.) even mutations that can render vaccines and other therapeutics ineffective.

This technology has been confirmed in tests at Public Health England, Porton Down.

Protection from the Coronavirus Covid-19

Top 20 Award