The next phase has been to advance Medi-Immune’s proven technology into new applications

InoculAir® – Medical Device

InoculAir® based on the same innovative and patented technology as ProtectivAir®, is a Medical Device. The inactivated airborne viruses and other pathogens that are inhaled, lodge in the mucosa of the lungs and initiate an immune response. This starts the process of the immune system recognising the pathogens. Repeated exposures boosts the immune response… click here to read more

Revax Biotech® – Revolutionary Vaccines

Vaccines delivered to the lungs are highly effective – even more effective than traditional injection vaccines and provides a broader cross-reactive and long-lasting protection. Bringing together leading academics in vaccines, key players in aerosol delivery, industrial support and clinical research, Revax Biotech promises to deliver a revolution in vaccination… to find out more visit: www.RevaxBiotech.com

ProtectivAir® – Transportation Application

Medi-Immune is advancing and testing its patented technology to provide biologically clean air for enclosed cabin spaces, specifically the transportation sector, as these enclosed environments increase the potential for cross infection…. click here to read more