InoculAir® – Medical Device

InoculAir® based on the same innovative and patented technology as ProtectivAir®, is a Medical Device. The inactivated airborne viruses and other pathogens that are inhaled, lodge in the mucosa of the lungs and initiate an immune response. This starts the process of the immune system recognising the pathogens. Repeated exposures boosts the immune response.

In vivo Testing at Public Health England, Porton Down, demonstrated that this concept is fundamentally sound and that immune protection from challenge was generated when the device was used with influenza. Further research, testing and clinical trials will be necessary to be able to identify and measure the best immune markers of immune protection.

When health workers are exposed to killed pathogens, as a result of wearing the InoculAir® device, in either this coronavirus outbreak or any future pandemics, they may reach a measurable level of immunity which means they no longer need the InoculAir® device for protection.

Public Health England, Porton Down, Report

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