ProtectivAir® – Transportation Application

Medi-Immune is advancing and testing its patented technology to provide biologically clean air for enclosed cabin spaces, specifically the transportation sector, as these enclosed environments increase the potential for cross infection. As a result we are seeing more automotive companies looking for ways to provide cleaner and safer air to their passengers.

Existing clean air systems rely largely on HEPA Filters. This approach, while providing protection against some particulate pollutants, does not always provide protection from many dangerous and infectious airborne pathogens.

Medi-Immune is working on adapting its UVc ProtectivAir® capability for installation in vehicle cabins, where the concentration of airborne pathogens, from its occupants, increases the potential for cross infection.

Adding a suitably designed ProtectivAir® device, to a vehicle’s existing HEPA based clean air systems, will provide passengers with both particulate free and biologically clean air, setting a new standard of respiratory protection for occupants.

A key innovation, when applied to a vehicle environment, is the use of UVc LED source. Initial tests conducted by Public Health England (PHE) have already been completed with successful results.

Medi-Immune has recently been granted a Patent covering this innovative use of ProtectivAir® technology in this environment.

Medi-Immune is actively seeking cooperation and partnership with automotive and airline companies to carry out further testing and to bring a new standard of air quality to the transportation sector.